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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 

A Slight Mishap

I bottled up a new brew last night and as I have written before, I bottle my kombucha in 16 oz. glass bottles. This makes them convienent for traveling and grabbing some kombucha when I am in a hurry. So this morning, I grabbed a bottle and put it in the side pocket of my bag where it fits quite nicely. I jumped on my bike and rode the few blocks to work.

I got off my bike and walked it into the elevator. By this time my bag had been resting against the top of my thigh. When I got out of the elevator I noticed a rather large wet spot had appeared on my pants! I sat down at my desk and inspected my kombucha.

I must not have screwed the lid on all the way or maybe it had warped, because it had leaked though my bag onto my pants! It wasn't too much, I still have plenty to drink today, but I will probably smell like kombucha all day! This brew packs quite the punch as well! It has a very distinct vinegary flavor and is much more tart that my recent brews. Its yummy, but its a little bit more tangy I'm used to! Maybe I should replace my bottles or at least the lids after a while so this doens't happen again!