Wednesday, March 22, 2006 

Kombucha Martini

Ok, so its not alcoholic. But it looks just as cool in a martini glass. Instead of alcohol, I used Red Bull, (a favorite of a special friend of mine). The proportions were 50/50: half kombucha, half Red Bull.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I took the first sip in my mouth. I wasn't very worried that it would be bad, but I didn't think it was going to taste wonderful either. The flavor ended up tasting passable. My latest brew has a tangier flavor than the last, and the Red Bull smooths down the tartness a bit.

This combination works pretty nicely together, and it serves its ultimate purpose as well. After drinking one martini, I felt much more awake and alert. It really jump starts your energy levels. And on the plus side, it is quite an attractive color!

Sunday, March 05, 2006 

Bold with a Bite

My latest brew is a lot more vinegary than my last. I know it is because I let this one ferment at least a week longer. The batch itself is fine, it stills tastes all right and gives me all the great benefits, it just has a taste with a bit more of a kick to it. Some people actually prefer their kombucha to taste more like this, but I prefer mine to be a bit more subtle. I find that it mixes quite well with orange juice. The flavor is a bit strong by itself, but mixing makes it taste quite yummy! The culture came out looking nice. It didn't look quite as nice and healthy as my last one and it was a little bit uneven. One side of the culture grew thicker than the other. It still came out as a nice, healhty culture with great color and size. I hope that it produces one just as nice.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

The Perfect Kombucha Container

As I have stated before, I believe I have found the best receptacle for holding Kombucha. Tall, slender and easily to hold on to, they are perfect for storing and transporting. They are actually bottles leftover from GT's Kombucha. GT is a great company, one of the few commercial kombucha manufacturers out there. The bottle and label design is nice and easy on the eyes. They also have a plethora of different varieties and flavors to choose from. So far, my favorite is Mystic Mango (see my review #1). I also like GT's grape flavor. Perhaps I will do a review on that one next. But one of the best benefits of purchasing GT's Kombucha, is that I can reuse the bottle! The lid screws on, and the glass is nice and thick and very good quality. I like to pour off my brew into the glass bottles first and then the rest in a separate container. That way I have a nice, portable vessel to carry my kombucha around in!