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Sunday, August 13, 2006 


Our final day is spent traveling the rest of the way home through Idaho. I know this state has a lot to offer, but you will not find any of this on Highway 84. This is a good stretch of land to relax and read a book while driving through.

The closer and closer we get to Utah, the more I miss home and the more I miss my kitties. As we finally pass over the border I smile because I know we will be home soon.

Finally I catch that first glimpse of those mountains in the Salt Lake Valley that I love and adore. Finally we step in through the door of the loft and we are greeted by cute, furry lovable faces. Finally, we are laying in our own bed again and enjoying what we see as familiar.

It is wonderful to go out and see new places and things that will forever shape who I am. But it is also wonderful to be drawn back to that one place that I will always call my home. We will cuddle up and sleep well tonight and remember all that we have done and seen this past week. We will look into the future with eyes that have seen a little more and our minds will always be enriched with all that has happened before today. All that is will become a past and all that we did will become a memory. Wherever you go, there you are.

There are a lot more photos from this journey and they can be seen here:


Looks like it was a good trip!

looks like you had a blast, I think I need to start traveling more...

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