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Sunday, August 13, 2006 


Crossing over to Washington was something I looked forward to, but it ended up depressing me. The logging industry seemed so much more apparent of this side. Every few miles was a clearcut space of land, empty and vacant like a gaping sore torn across the skin of the earth. Piles of debris scattered across the naked surface, I could almost hear and feel the silent screams of her destruction from the past.

A stop into my frist rain forest brightened my day. It was a forest of life and constant renewal. It was a forest of rich green lush ferns and moss, and she lifted my spirits as I played in the soft earth, climbing giant roots and laying myself down into hollowed out tree trunks.

The cross over from Kingston to Edmund on the ferry was amazing! It was a first experience for me and we caught the sunset as we slowly coasted over the bay. Seattle was easier to navigate, but I found Portland much more charming.