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Sunday, August 13, 2006 


We awaken from the only motel with a vacany after miles and hours of looking. They in fact had several vacancies with our choice of beds, and smoking or nonsmoking. It seems there is a reason for its unpopularity and it probably had something to do with its uncomfortable sleeping quarters and its particle board flea market furniture. Still, any bed after a day of travel is a welcomed one.

The day is spent travelling back towards home without the luxury of stopping to see sights. Lucky for us, there are no sights to see on this stretch of highway. The most amusement I get out of the day is when we stopped in Pendleton, Oregon at a gas station to fill up.

I walked inside and laughed to myself as I stared at a wall full of "fantasy weapons". Axes, swords, daggers and more all put on display fo rme with their amazingly low price tags in clear view. It took all the will power I had to not purchase the numchucks I was holding and walk outside with them, twirling them around in a sort of predatory dance to give Joe a laugh or two. It was probably best that I didn't, because the amused trucker who saw me with them in my hands told me that they shouldn't be used on my boyfriend.

We find a bit of nourishment in Boise, Idaho, or as I like to call it "The Unfriendliest Town in the U.S." We head up inot the Boise Mountains for a night of "fun" camping with a real fire and even some veggie dogs. They were the first cooked food I had eaten in 8 days and I began to regret it soon after.

I wonder if this meal had something to do with the strange dreams I had through the scattered sleep patterns I had in that freezing tent that night. Dreams of baby owl-parrots in my hair, dreams of ridiculous parties, and dreams of dancing upside down in closets. I think I'll refrain from the veggie dogs and high fructose sugar buns in the future and stick to the raw basics.