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Sunday, August 13, 2006 


A perfect way to start the day, we hunted down Seattle's only cafe that has an organic raw menu. I ordered my first raw pizza and Joe had a vegan pesto melt. We rummaged through some pictures as we sipped our coffee and the many different options left me salivating! I wish there was a place like this in downtown SLC!

After many unsuccessful attempts at catching a whale watching boat, we finally opted for a kayak tour in Anacortes. This turned out to be a high point on the trip and I'm very glad we chose this option.

We barely squoze into the last tour of the day with another family of 7. Our tour guide was named Jesse and he was very friendly and helpful. We paddled all around the coast and even ventured into the bay a bit. I was surprised at how easy and enjoyable the motions of the my first kayak trip came to me.

Joe and I made an excellent team on the water. He steered the rudder in the back, and I set the pace in the front. Once were were back on shore again, I found myself aching to go back out on the waves. This will surely turn into an enjoyable pastime for me.