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Monday, February 02, 2009 

One Week Raw!

My One Week Raw project launched last night! Read more about it on KombuchaCHIC.

Check out One Week Raw to download my FREE ebook!


Thanks very much for all of your lovely comments over at mine!

Good on you going raw. I am raw all day and eat a whole food vegan dinner with the fam. I still feel great! I know raw is best in flavor and nutrition but it's hard to cook food and not eat it cuz I'm such a good cook! :D


Oh I am the same way! LOL I absolutely adore cooking. I think its still good for you especially because you are using such high quality whole foods! :)

Take care!

Hi! Thank you! Yes, he is a goldendoodle. He is more the star of my vlogs than I am!

He is gorgeous! What a lovable looking puppy. :)

Thank you! So sweet! According to my fiancee, these are the shiz..but, seriously, you really can't go wrong with nuts and coconut...and chocolate...it's like the ultimate dessert-y combination! haha

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