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Monday, February 06, 2006 

Kombucha Review #1: GT's Mystic Mango

This is possibly my favorite commercial kombucha flavor. It doesn't even look like normal kombucha. Mango puree is added, so the drink has a nice yellow-orange color to it. It seems to have a thicker consistency as well. Almost like a fresh juice, it is smoother and more creamy. It still has that fizzines that we all associate with kombucha, and it still has that tart, pungent flavor. But it also has the sensuous, musky flavor of mango, which I absolutely love.

After drinking one of these 16 oz. treats, I feel very energized and revitalized. I like having my kombucha with juice, and mangoes are one of my favorites, so that makes this flavor combination a perfect match in my book!

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