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Saturday, February 04, 2006 

Plastic Vs. Glass

I started up a new batch today. I am a bit worried because I am putting my last batch in a plastic container to store it in. It is a nice container…it has measurements on it so I know how much in is my batch, but plastic is bad for kombucha. It is also a problem because the container is brand new. It has that “funny plastic” smell to it and all I can think of when I inhale is a million different chemicals rushing out to kill my kombucha.

So what to do? The only thing I could think of what to repeatedly wash the container in hot, soapy, scalding water in hopes of burning and cleaning away the excess chemical residue. After a few washings and rinsings, I smelled the container again. The smell was not nearly as pungent, but I couldn’t really tell if it was actually there or not. Hmm…maybe a few more washings and it will be ready.

I’ve heard from almost every source I have researched that plastic is not good for the kombucha and a glass container is best to store and ferment in. Now I think I finally understand why: Plastic has chemical residues that can seep into the culture and cause damage or possibly kill it.

Soon I will buy a really good container to store it in: a large, glass pitcher with a lid. I will store it in the plastic one for now so I can try to monitor the reactions, if any. I have already transferred a portion of my last batch to some 16 oz. glass containers that had commercial kombucha in them previously. That way I have a back up in case the plastic container kills my brew. I wonder what all the other brewers think about plastic vs. glass for fermenting and storing?

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